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In 1980 I decided after I had fixed about a jillion miles of fence with come-alongs, pieces of pipe & other tools (that with one wrong move could slice your finger or break an arm) there had to be an easier way. The first few didn't work at all but it was eventually modified by my wife, her 84 year old father and myself, in the backyard of our home located on our San Saba, Texas ranch.In 1981 after selling hundreds through a T.V ad, we made our first appearance at a Farm & Ranch Show in Waco, Tx. where several more hundred were sold and dozens of orders taken. Following the demise of the first farm in Iowa which was sold at Auction, we felt farmers and ranchers had enough problems and wouldn't be too concerned about fences. We removed it from the market and continued to pursue other business interests. We have continued to receive calls through the years, with some people actually hunting us down to inquire about the Fence Fixer & where they could be purchased, so we've decided it's time to resume production of the Texas Fence Fixer which only requires a piece of wire and a pair of pliers to repair a wire. The Texas Fence Fixer has a patent and was invented because we believe in the grass roots idea of good, old fashioned quality and dependability in tools that help farmers and ranchers do a job quicker & easier. A nephew, Mike McCall has joined us at Texas Fence Fixer and will add a lot of knowledge & expertise which will help expedite service to our customers.